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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Facebook Response to Marriage Equality

I was recently criticized for my view on Marriage Equality in this country. The criticizer was your stereotypical Christian views and responses. I won't post exactly what she said but it was to the effect of "Marriage is ALWAYS between a man and a woman","Marriage has ALWAYS been secular","I don't hate gays but they should not be allow to have marriage".

My response. By the way, she had nothing else to say:

The government decided to define a legal contract binding two individuals together as "marriage", thus granting those individuals over 2000+ rights. The government could have called it "Legal Partnership" and it would still grant the same rights. The government has an obligation to be fair, unbiased, non-discriminatory and have separation of church and state. What the government defines as "marriage" has no bearing what so ever on religious organizations, what they believe or what they practice. Thus should be the same the other way around.

Government mandated that interracial couples could not be married, and they were obviously wrong. The same goes for this situation. While the term of "marriage" may be religious when used within the church, as to defined the christian ceremony of marriage. The government does not impose any such belief and only defines it as two persons linked together legally.

Like it or not, this is the NEW civil rights movement. Get over the fact the the government calls this "marriage" because they do not care if it is done in the Christian faith, Muslim faith or any other for that matter. All the government should care about is that two legally eligible consenting adults wish to be legally linked and have the same rights as others who have engaged in such a contract.

-The Slavic Libertarian
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  1. I am confused by the use of your word "secular" in this post. Secular is defined as being "not religious", but the way you use it here implies that you mean it to be "religious", as in "the term of "marriage" may be secular when used within the church".

    Anyway, I completely agree with you. Same-sex marriage is something that I have long stood for and supported... if I am able to plan and be excited about all the details of my wedding, who am I to tell someone else that it's "not right" for them to have that same joy and excitement in their life? The only people who are directly affected by a same-sex marriage is THAT couple... it's no one else's business, and we shouldn't be passing judgement on them.

    Here would be my response to the Christian lady you refer to in your post: "How does the wedding and marriage of two people that you aren't even friends with personally affect your life, home, and family? It doesn't. So instead of wasting your time worrying about things that don't even matter, spend some time worrying about your OWN life and how you can continue to change and grow into the best person you can be."

    Two people who are in love, no matter the color of their skin or their sexual preferences, should be allowed to express that love without judgement in the same way that I am allowed to express mine. No one bats an eyelash at seeing me (a female) walking down the street holding hands with my boyfriend... I can't wait until the day when two men or two women can do the same and no one around them will think twice about it. Unfortunately, it seems like that day is a long time in coming... but our country as a whole seems to be starting to take those first steps. Hopefully I'll live long enough to see a world where there is no longer a discrimination between homosexual and heterosexual couples, anywhere. One can dream, right? :)

  2. Well put! This is a cornerstone of the Non-Aggression Principle which says the initiation of force is immoral. Is it initiating force on someone for two consenting adults to get married? Or is it force to keep them apart?