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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Dream State

Early last week, I was recruited to become a Columnists for the website The Libertarian. Here is my first article for them! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Very Virulent, Vexed, Voluntaryist Veteran's Vengeance

Don't worry, I don't even own a Guy Fawkes mask, so I will spare you the "Verbose Verb-age".

Now that the hype and the initial shock of "HOLY GOD NO IT'S SEQUESTRATION!" is over, the true scope of effect is coming to fruition. The shit has rolled down hill, the bottom feeders and little guys have a fine dusting of new silt to try and sift through, and these so-called cuts have hit hard, allegedly.

In true Bureaucratically Statist fashion and in likeness to the movie "The Hangover", government officials are retracing their steps and trying to figure out where they started, trimming the fat along the way. What is included in this removal of adipose tissue with surgical precision? The troops of course!

It's not like many have and are currently serving four, five, six or more tours! It's not as if they are subjected to over 310 days of combat on average! Compared to WWII with 40 days of actual combat, Korea with approximately 180 days and Vietnam with approximately 240 days! You surely couldn't say that 349 U.S. Troops committed suicide in 2012! Oh... wait...

So what does the Military-Industrial Complex do to say thanks? Chew them up and spit them out! According to The Air Force Times, The Defense Department will be cut by $46 billion. Along with the Air Force, the Army and Marines have said tuition assistance program has been suspended for the remainder of the fiscal year due to sequestration. Ok, fine, they had to cut last minute and things will be back to normal next year, right? Don't count on it. If they even reinstate T.A. next year, the Air Force will "need to review the eligibility requirements to ensure sustainability." AkA - the percentage of coverage will go down.

Am I protesting cuts in military spending? Absolutely not. To take the ax to the troops first, however, is typical and regrettable. But let's put things into perspective: Since late last year, the Federal Reserve has been buying 85 billion dollars a month in mortgage backed securities, and does not plan to stop any time soon. The total sequestration cut was 1.2 Trillion dollars. Does no one in the Mainstream Media see a problem here? By January 2014, the Fed will have spent as much as was cut in sequestration.

As a Veteran, I still have a lot of buddies in the Service and this truly does effect them. T.A. is not one of those B.S. perks that can be sucked off of with little effort. People that really want to go to school and get a degree use T.A., mainly because T.A. is a reimbursement and not an upfront payment. Service Members have to get a C or higher to get reimbursed (at least for the Air Force).

Bottom line, I saw this coming and that's one of the big reasons why I got out. For anyone in the service that thought the country could be in the condition it is in and still receive these cookies, you are foolish. I understand that not everyone is in a position to get out. If you don't like your T.A. being taken away, I have a secret to tell you. *PPSSSTTT* It's not going to get any better!

P.S. With private defense, companies would compete with each other to gain soldiers. A company that cut benefits promised would see a mass exodus and likely go out of business. 

-The Slavic Libertarian
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is Rand Paul the Beginning of the End?

Could Rand Paul's heroic filibuster be the "Paul Revere" type ignition moment that many within the Liberty Movement have been waiting for? Well, maybe not, but he definitely tossed some barrels of tea into the ocean. 

A Washington Post headline reads: "Senator Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning." I certainly agree. Although Rand is a little less candid on what he thinks "the beginning" is, those of us in the Liberty Movement know exactly what he means.

As I predicted in my YouTube video "2014 Election GOP vs Liberty Movement" posted back in December, the Republican Party has a choice: Choose Liberty or wither away.  It is no surprise that the GOP is in trouble, they can not win elections and the old timers are like sour milk, past their due dates. Look at the past few election cycles and at the percentages of "Tea Party" republican candidates beating their Democratic opponents. Excluding those wins, the GOP has a terrible and declining record.


Either way, it is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as we know it. This schism between the Liberty Movement and GOP Establishment will go down in history. It is an incredible time to be alive and politically active. I hope, as I urged in my video, that the GOP embraces Liberty.

On a side note, why does a Voluntaryist care? Philosophically, I believe that this entire process is silly and of course in our perfect world none of this would exist. But a truly free Stateless Society is not going to just manifest itself. Certainly as technology increases, it becomes much easier to achieve, but tyranny also becomes more high tech, automated, efficient and centralized. We need Liberty minded individuals of all shapes and colors. We need to help Minarchists, Constitutionalists, True Tea Party, ect reduce the massive government that is oppressing everyone.

As I asked in a previous blog post: Is it easier to transition to a Stateless Society from a Minarchists dream reduced government or a massive bureaucracy we have now?


-The Slavic Libertarian
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Open Letter To Glenn Beck: Embrace Voluntaryism!

People are scared of things they are ignorant about.

Glenn Beck, you are scared of Anarchy because you are either ignorant or grossly misinformed on what Voluntaryism is or what it means. Either stop being so scared of it or learn what it is all about. I stood up for people like you (Minarchists) in my last blog because I do think we need to work together to reduce government. We just disagree to what degree it should be reduced.

I was just like you not too long ago. You talk about slowly going deeper and deeper into Libertarianism and it's true. You have just scratched the surface my friend. You are bashing the conclusion that many Libertarians are coming to. You are bashing the "rabbit hole" that many of us are "tumbling down". That rabbit hole is this: Governments must operate by having a monopoly on the use of force. The use of force to control humans and restrict voluntary interaction is irrelevant, immoral and WILL be phased out peacefully. If you are ever going to either fully accept Libertarianism and/or be accepted by the Libertarians, you are going to have to stop bashing Anarchists.

A short time ago, you made a plea to Libertarians to accept and teach people like you what Libertarianism is all about. Also, just recently you made a bold statement that Anarchist within the Libertarian Movement are just "a couple of nut jobs".

In normal "Glenn Becky" fashion, you displayed a hand drawn chart on a chalk board to help demonstrate the spectrum of political ideology in the U.S., where each stands relative to each other and relative to "total anarchy" (left side of the chart) and "total government" (right side of the chart). You explained that on the very edge of Anarchy all the way to the Constitution is Libertarianism and some of the Occupy Wall Street. It was at this point, you made the comment about Anarchists, implying we are a fringe minority that should be cast aside.

Where shall I begin?

First of all, who are you to frame every aspect of Libertarianism? Where it fits in the political spectrum? Who belongs and who doesn't in the same month of asking to be guided to that very same conclusion?

Secondly, Anarchists of all colors are everywhere and ever growing. Especially when you scale down to just the Libertarian crowd. I don't think you really understand how many people you are alienating with your statements. Don't "throw the baby out with the bathwater" to use your own words.

Lastly, why would you plead for Libertarians to accept you and then ostracize a large portion of them? As I just said, you know how it feels to be rejected, now you are rejecting? Come on now... That's like asking to join the football team then screaming at the defense and offensive linemen for not scoring enough points.

"Anarchists want to see the government burn to the ground." Yes and no. If you mean the peaceful transition to a Stateless Society through natural evolution of the human condition and technology? Then yes. If you implying a violent overthrow of government through force and a thousand years of total chaos, violence and fighting? Absolutely not.

As a Voluntaryist, I abhor the initiation of force. I also believe in truly free markets and the Self Ownership Principle. The principle that says I own my body AND my actions. All fruits of my labor are mine as well as the rotten pits of my mistakes.

I plead with you Glenn, research Volutaryism. Look into Libertarian Anarchists such as Stefan Molyneux. Even if you do not agree with it completely, accept it as a part of Libertarianism because it is. As I explain in my blog "Libertarian? Guess what... you are an Anarchist"(and if by some wild chance you are reading this, please read my other blog entries) Voluntaryism is not mass chaos and rampant crime. The visual you get when you think of Anarchism is a warped, Hollywood and Mainstream Media hyped illusion of the truth.

But you can understand the corruption of Hollywood and the Mainstream Media, right?

-The Slavic Libertarian
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