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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is Rand Paul the Beginning of the End?

Could Rand Paul's heroic filibuster be the "Paul Revere" type ignition moment that many within the Liberty Movement have been waiting for? Well, maybe not, but he definitely tossed some barrels of tea into the ocean. 

A Washington Post headline reads: "Senator Rand Paul: My filibuster was just the beginning." I certainly agree. Although Rand is a little less candid on what he thinks "the beginning" is, those of us in the Liberty Movement know exactly what he means.

As I predicted in my YouTube video "2014 Election GOP vs Liberty Movement" posted back in December, the Republican Party has a choice: Choose Liberty or wither away.  It is no surprise that the GOP is in trouble, they can not win elections and the old timers are like sour milk, past their due dates. Look at the past few election cycles and at the percentages of "Tea Party" republican candidates beating their Democratic opponents. Excluding those wins, the GOP has a terrible and declining record.


Either way, it is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as we know it. This schism between the Liberty Movement and GOP Establishment will go down in history. It is an incredible time to be alive and politically active. I hope, as I urged in my video, that the GOP embraces Liberty.

On a side note, why does a Voluntaryist care? Philosophically, I believe that this entire process is silly and of course in our perfect world none of this would exist. But a truly free Stateless Society is not going to just manifest itself. Certainly as technology increases, it becomes much easier to achieve, but tyranny also becomes more high tech, automated, efficient and centralized. We need Liberty minded individuals of all shapes and colors. We need to help Minarchists, Constitutionalists, True Tea Party, ect reduce the massive government that is oppressing everyone.

As I asked in a previous blog post: Is it easier to transition to a Stateless Society from a Minarchists dream reduced government or a massive bureaucracy we have now?


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