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Saturday, May 3, 2014

North Korea's Report on US Human Rights Violations Surprisingly Accurate

"It takes one to know one!" was a common rebuttal to play ground name calling when I was a child. In the recent back and fourth between the US and North Korea, that same logic can be applied. In response to a UN human rights report, the North Korean officials release their own report, calling out abuses by the US government on its own citizens.

Of course, this is the pot calling the kettle black, as North Korea imprisons tens of thousands of their own citizens in work camps. However, I would like to go over the points raised in their report and analyze the validity of the claims:
Under the citizenship act, racialism is getting more severe in the U.S. The gaps between the minorities and the whites are very wide in the exercise of such rights to work and elect. The U.S. true colors as a kingdom of racial discrimination was fully revealed by last year's case that the Florida Court gave a verdict of not guilty to a white policeman who shot to death an innocent black boy. 
It is true that there is a gap widening in America, but it is not based on color. At least, that is not where the true line is drawn, only where the media would like it to be focused. The gap is between average Americans, regardless of race, creed or color, and oligarchic, corporatists that have literally bought this country through the political system. According to a Princeton University Study: "economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence."
That's why 52 percent of the Americans have said that racism still exists in the country while 46 percent contended that all sorts of discrimination would be everlasting.
Again, I would attribute this to Media bias, which North Korea is well aware of using. At least North Korea doesn't hide behind the illusion of unbiased media and news. A perfect example, since we are on the subject of Trayvon Martin, was the shooting death of Marley Lion. He was also an unarmed teenager shot dead. However, he was white and his attackers were black. Both were tragic events that should have never happened, but the point is that the Media pushes the narrative of caring about one, but not the other.

The U.S. is a living hell as elementary rights to existence are ruthlessly violated.
I think "living hell" is a bit of a hyperbole, but nevertheless I don't think I need to explain or cite the hundreds, if not thousands, of examples. NSA, police brutality and murder and so on...
At present, an average of 300,000 people a week are registered as unemployed, but any proper measure has not been taken.
Ding ding ding, tell them what they've won, Johny! According to the Department of Labor's own report: "In the week ending April 26, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 344,000"

Also, they are absolutely correct about "proper measure has not been taken". As Forbes reports "the “official” unemployment rate doesn’t count...discouraged workers who have settled for part-time jobs or have given up looking altogether. Tracking those individuals, under what’s called the “U-6″ rate, gives a very different measure of the nation’s unemployment rate."
The housing price soared 11.5 percent last year than 2012 and 13.2 percent in January this year than 2013, leaving many people homeless.
It seems like our North Korean friends are using the exclusive internet access wisely, considering the second half of this statement came directly out of a Reuter's article: "The monthly price increase mirrored the one in January, while prices were up 12.9 percent from a year ago, compared with a year-on-year gain of 13.2 percent in January."

They are slightly off on 2013, according to The Economic Populist "For all of 2013, existing home sales increased 9.1% from 2012"

All in all they are correct, home prices are sharply rising, as seen by The Economist's graph, showing a 16.8% increase in the last two years in a 10 city index.

However, they are inaccurate on their implication that the increase home prices adversely affects the homelessness factor. According to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, "Since 2012, homelessness declined by 4%."
The number of impoverished people increased to 46.5 millions last year, and one sixth of the citizens and 20-odd percent of the children are in the grip of famine in New York City.   
CNN and Reuters confirmed numbers of 46.5 million people living in poverty.

22% of New York City children are living in "food insecure" homes, according to New York City Coalition Against Hunger.

All sorts of crimes rampant in the U.S. pose a serious threat to the people's rights to existence and their inviolable rights.
Again, completely true. Politicians and the corporate elite are above the law. For just one example, US banks caught laundering billions in drug cartel money and no one goes to jail.
The U.S. government has monitored every movement of its citizens and foreigners, with many cameras and tapping devices and even drones involved, under the pretext of "national security".
 No dispute there.
Meanwhile, bills on easing arms control were adopted in various states of the country, boosting murderous crimes. As a result, the U.S. has witnessed an increasing number of gun-related crimes in all parts of the country and even its military bases this year. In this regard, the United Nations on April 10 put the U.S. on the top of the world list of homicide rates. 
Inaccurate. We've already had this debate after the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. The FBI's own numbers show violent crime rates reduced as private ownership of firearms increased. The Washington Post remarked accurately on the UN report "while the April 10 U.N. report did note that the United States has a high murder rate, the top spot went to Honduras."

The U.S. also has 2.2 millions of prisoners at present, the highest number in the world. For lack of prisons on the part of the government, individuals are providing detention facilities to make money. A Russian TV said that in the U.S. the wealthy classes are now keen on the investment in providing private prisons for their high profit and so more people will be imprisoned.
True again. Wikipedia page states: "According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2,266,800 adults were incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons, and county jails at year-end the highest in the world" and "In a 2011 report by the ACLU, it is claimed that the rise of the for-profit prison industry is a "major contributor" to mass incarceration"
Such poor human right records in the U.S. are an inevitable product of the ruling quarters' policy against humanity.
More of an opinion than a fact, but one I don't necessarily disagree with it. I agree mainly because North Korea themselves are a perfect example. They would know, right?

Its chief executive, Obama, indulges himself in luxury almost every day, squandering hundred millions of dollars on his foreign trip in disregard of his people's wretched life.
According to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, Obama's 2009 trip to London "All told, the plans for the event were estimated to cost between $60-100 million,"
It is also the president who called for respect to the verdict of not guilty given to a white policeman's racialism and backed the unlawful monitoring and tapping activities.
I am not sure what they are talking about here. Apparently, they think the President can arbitrarily overturn a court decision.
The U.S. is the world's worst human right abuser and tundra of a human being's rights to existence.
I would not say the worst, but it is definitely getting worse. However compared to, let's say, North Korea, America is still a dream land. This is not an excuse to not fight back against government overreach and encroachment of freedoms.

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